The lowest price AIN’T always the best price


When looking to hire a company to do work at your home you should always look at the details and not just at the price. Price seems to be the main deciding factor for some people, and this can be the wrong choice and actually cost you more money in the long run. When looking at hiring a contractor you should always look at a variety of things before making your choice.

  • Compare quotes: always get your quote in writing and the details of the work being performed. “Always compare apples to apples”. We often see people comparing prices for work that they “thought” was the same. But, when you compare the scope of work, the quality of material, and guarantees; things can vary from company to company. The quality of materials can vary and cutting corners can change the quality of work and the warranty. And if the contractor isn’t legit then no warrant will be honored, and the homeowner is left with the problem and usually out that money.

“Always compare apples to apples”.

We see this at about a third of the jobs we do. Approximately one third of our jobs consist of repairing someone else’s repairs that didn’t work in the first place. Especially when it comes to leaky basements, this is not a job that you want to do twice. People sometimes hire the cheapest repair service, receive no warranty and no service to help them if the problem persists. The cheapest repair isn’t always the right repair and it can leave homeowners struggling to find someone to diagnose and fix the actual problem.


  • Experience and Education: hiring an experienced company and one that believes in continuous education is best practice. We believe in knowing our products, and educating ourselves on the latest and best practices in our field. We talk with fellow contractors and suppliers; and we are always bettering ourselves at our craft so we can pass that knowledge on to our customers.
  • Insurance & Licensing: not all company’s operate with insurance and licensing. This can prove to be a serious problem for a homeowner. For example: if a worker gets hurt on site at your home and the contractor isn’t insured properly the liability can then be put on the homeowner. Ask the contractor about coverage for WSIB, Insurance and Warranty.
  • Hiring local companies makes sense: When you hire a local company, you can ask people in your community about their experience with this company. You can also ask at local suppliers about the company you are thinking about hiring and they will be able to tell you if this company is reputable or not. Supporting a local business helps your community
  • Understand what you are purchasing: ask about the warranty on workmanship and details about the work being performed. Most of us can get a good feeling from someone when things are clearly understood and in writing. By providing step by step details of the work being performed and how payments work you can feel confident tContract Imagehat everyone is on the same page. This can create a trustworthy working relationship.
  • Be careful if someone is asking for too much money upfront: having a contract with payments laid out that both parties agree too is worth it’s weight in gold. All company’s do things different and this should be discussed prior to commencement so there are no surprises.

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