7 Common Causes of Leaky Basements

Common Causes Of Basement Leaks

Improper Grading

Walk the perimeter of your home. Try to do this each and every spring. If the grade around the home seems to be sinking add soil to low spots. Make sure the grade is sloping away from the building.

Broken Eves-Droughts and Downspouts

Check all the gutters and downspouts and make sure they are not blocked or broken. One of the most common problems we see when accessing a basement leak is split downspouts. Downspouts can split at the seems. Seems are located at the back of the pipe and are not easily seen. Seems tend to split during a freeze thaw cycle and people don’t usually notice. Run your hand along the back of the pipe to feel if it is split. If it is split change it immediately. A split downspout will not direct water away from the house, it will direct the water out the back of the pipe pooling against the foundation. If this pipe remains broken like this over time it will cause damage to the foundation and basement to leak.

Cracked basement
Control Ground Water
basement window well

Cracks in Basement Walls

Some cracks in the foundation are small service cracks that don’t cause leaks. If cracks are left to continue to decay leaks are inevitable. Take care of cracks call a professional to assess cracks and what is needed to avoid a larger issue from occurring.

Window Wells

* 5 Window Well Maintenance Guidelines To Follow

* Clear Debris from Drain

* Reapply Caulk to Well Liner’s Edge

* Maintain Roof Drainage System

Call a Benji Dittrich Construction before Damage Escalates.

How Do Window Well Systems Work?

A professionally installed window well is installed by digging down to the foundation footing. Drainage pipe is installed and directed towards the weeping tile system. Drainage is put in place to keep water from entering the home.

Window Well System Installations & Repairs

Benji Dittrich Construction can repair your existing window well, or install an entirely new window well system.

Window wells can fail over time, due to clogged drains your window well might not be draining properly. If this happens water can pool, and causing leaks into your basement. If this is happening you should contact Benji Dittrich Construction for repairs.

In some cases the window wells can be repaired and if it cannot be repaired a new window well system can be installed. Our professionally installed window wells are durable, excellent drainage and provide maximum leak protection.

Broken-Pipes, Back-ups and Floods

Call a professional to diagnosis the problem and resolve the issue.

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