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We Install Fence Posts for a Solid Start on your Fence Project.

wood fence
Fence Post Footing
Fence Post Footing
Wood Fence

We Install Posts and you do the rest. Read more below, help for DIY.

Do you need a fence? Do you need help building a fence? Are You a DIY person building a fence? Contact us we can help.

Post and Cement Diagram

Post and Cement Diagram

Benji Dittrich Construction can help you get a solid start to your fence project. We will help the handy homeowner get started with fence posts that last.

Did you know that many people build fences only to have them fail within a few years because of frost and other variables. When fence posts are installed they need a footing. Post should go below the frost line with a cement footing to add support and structure to your fence through out the seasons.

Do-it-yourselfers can hire us to install posts and the rest can be built by you………..

Fence Post Installation

Fence Post installation

Every project starts with a great foundation.

Zip Zip…..That’s how quick we can put your fence post in for you.

Serving Sudbury and area. Contact Us and Ask How We Can Help!

Fence Post Auger