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* Are you purchasing a home or selling?

* Do you need a report so you can be informed on the state of your homes foundations?

* Is your basement leaking and you can’t figure out where it is coming from?

You Should Get A Foundation and Wet Basement Inspection!

Benji Dittrich Construction foundation inspections will help you solve your homes foundations issues. The foundation report can be used to negotiate with buyers, sellers or insurance company’s. Don’t go into a real estate situation blind; go in with information to help your transaction go smoothly and in your favor.

Infrared Inspection


Our reports will provide you with detailed images, diagnosis, and cost to repair that can help explain what the issues are or what they are not. Foundation problems are one of the most inconvenient and expensive repairs that a home owner can encounter. If you are buying a home make sure you have a foundation inspection by a foundation professional, so you don’t end up with a home that is in need of expensive foundation repairs. Know what you are getting into before you buy.

Our inspections can be a reliable resource for any building owner to educate themselves about the state of their buildings foundation. With this report you are armed with information to remedy your foundations issue. It gives you power when negotiating with contractors, real-estate deals, insurance companies etc.

Don’t do repairs blind; inform yourself on the state of your foundation.