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Interior Weeping Tile System
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Basement Wall Repair
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Basement Waterproofing & more………

Benji Dittrich Specializes in Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair; everything from Sump Pumps to Foundation Wall Replacement.  We also offer Structural Repairs such as beam replacement, footings, etc.

Not sure what you need, or how to fix the problem? Each property and water damage situation is unique, requiring an personalized plan of action to complete the mitigation process. Our years of experience has given us vast knowledge of this specialty and this allows us to accurately guide our customers through this difficult process. We can explain which services are right for you and customize the right solution for your home and property.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

Foundation Repairs

Yard Drainage

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Swales / Ditching / Yard Drainage
  • Ditching


Benji Dittrich

I have worked with Benji Dittrich Construction Ltd. since June 2015. I have employed them on several occasions as general contractors for work involved in income properties I own in Sudbury. They have been the most professional contractors I have ever dealt with over the course of my dealings with vendors in the Greater Sudbury area. As a team, they have always offered me the best service I could ask for, and have at all times had my best interest in mind. On more than one occasion, they have made recommendations that have benefited me cost wise, and I can whole heartedly attest that they are the most honest and forthright vendor I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with. I trust their judgement regarding the maintenance of my properties without reservation in all instances.

Jessica *Toronto ON.
Benji Dittrich

Benji and Bonnie Dittrich have done work for me at my home. I have always been pleased with the result and they have always warranty their work. I would (and have) recommend them to others for work at their properties. They have great recommendations, they are fair, efficient and stick to their word.

Lorraine *Sudbury ON.
Benji Dittrich

Benji and his workers fixed our basement: application of weeping tile/blueskin, reparation of cracks in the foundation plus installation of a sump pump and clean up at the end of the repairs. We would highly recommend his work to others without hesitation as he has gone above and beyond expectations to complete the work to our satisfaction.

Joyce *Espanola
Benji Dittrich

Benji Dittrich Construction built two 6’ x 12’ pressured treated decks at both entrances to our house. The work was very well done, professional and on schedule. The carpenters were courteous, efficient and very accommodating. After the job was completed, the job site was left neat and clean.

We would recommend Benji and his crew, without hesitation.

Frank Espanola ON.
Benji Dittrich

Benji has helped me with my triplex on many occasions. As a single woman owning a rental property it can be difficult and scary trying to find someone to help with maintenance. I trust Benji to do what needs to be done. He is reasonable and doesn’t exaggerate what you need and he always looks out for my best interest. I recommend him and his team.

Sue *Sudbury, ON., Your Content Goes Here
Benji Dittrich

We contracted someone to do foundation repair last year which ended up being basically useless because they could not cut through the rock to install a trench and sump pump. This year, Benji, Bonnie and their workers attacked that rock like there was no tomorrow. They have been professional, honest, and very, very thorough. The job was very dusty and noisy, but even with the insane heat, caterpillars and dust, the workers were relentless. If you have foundation problems I can’t recommend this company enough! And I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the service.

Monique Sudbury, ON, Your Content Goes Here
Benji Dittrich

If you are in need of wet basement repairs call Benji Dittrich. They know what they are doing. No hassles and guaranteed work. No regrets hiring this crew.

Marnie Sudbury, ON, Your Content Goes Here

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