Wet Basement Solutions and More………

Wet Basements  Solutions

…….and More

Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs, Landscaping and Home Repairs

Benji Dittrich Construction

specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

We provide a variety solutions for interior and exterior waterproofing systems. Our services include; basement waterproofing, foundation repair, basement wall replacement, water mitigation and sump pump & pit installation.

interior weeping tile
Foundation Waterproofing "Packing"

Finding an honest and professional construction company can be a difficult, especially if you’ve had problems with contractors in the past and don’t know who you can trust. We come highly recommended from our suppliers and past clients and we warranty our work so that you don’t have to worry. Understanding your needs is important and we pride ourselves in helping home owners find the right solution because you only want to have to do the job once.

Damp Basement Walls

Moldy Damp Basement 

We are a fully insured construction company, licensed by the City of Sudbury and we are WSIB compliant.

Broken Downspout
Leaky Downspout
Downspout Extension

Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” Kurt Vonnegut

Regular Home Maintenance is required in every part of your home. The foundation, eves-droughts / downspouts and grading are just a few important elements every homeowner should check regularly.

Blocked or Broken Pipe

It can be hard for some homeowners to do their own maintenance, but it still needs to be performed regularly or problems with your home and property will occur. Dealing with smaller issues now will save you money by avoiding bigger problems later.

Don’t Avoid Small Repairs Today. OR it will turn into Larger Repairs Tomorrow.

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Our expertise starts from the foundation up.

Benji Dittrich Construction is committed to providing our clients with solutions for wet basement and foundation issues. We offer a variety of solutions and repairs that include; foundation repair, foundation wall replacement, basement waterproofing, interior and exterior weeping tile, cracked basement wall repair and sump pump / sump pit installation and repairs. If you have a wet basement or foundation issue, contact us, we can help.

Foundation Damage
Wet Basement floor
Cracked Foundation
Compacting Soil



Maintaining downspouts and proper grading is important for the health of your home.

bowing foundation Wall

Take care of water problems before this happens to the foundation of your home.

Downspout Issue